Why don’t you ship outside the UK?

At the moment it’s just because it’s too complicated to configure it as an option on my shop for all the different products. However, if you are outside the UK and are willing to pay postage, please get in touch via email at LydBrockShop@outlook.com

How do you send works on paper?

They will be posted either rolled or flat, depending on size and type of paper.

Why can’t I buy more than one of each individual bag/tshirt/drawing?

Because they are all one-of-a-kind, drawn by my actual hands, not mass printed. Of course you can buy multiple items in an order, but there is only one of each.

In the future, I will probably do some printed things which will be cheaper but not unique.

You can also ask me to make something for you, just email LydBrockShop@outlook.com

I saw a design I like but it’s not in my size/preferred colour/it’s too expensive… Are you going to do printed bags/tshirts in the future? 

Probs. You can also ask me to make something for you, just email LydBrockShop@outlook.com

How do the ‘bleach drawings’ work? I don’t get it.

Bleach strips pigment from inks and dyes. I use neat bleach to draw onto something that is already coloured, and the chemical reaction makes the area I’ve drawn on turn pale. It’s fun to watch, you should try it.

Also, because it’s not a print, it is very long-lasting. Bleach permanently alters the chemical structure of a fibre so you can wash and iron it as many times as you want and the drawing won’t fade. (The colour of the actual tshirt/bag will of course fade over time as any other dyed thing does).

Are other works on your website available for sale, which aren’t in the shop?

Some of them are, yes. Please email LydBrockShop@outlook.com


Sorry, all sales are final.

That said, if there is something really wrong with what you’ve bought, please send me an email explaining the fault, and I’ll do my best to sort it.

Any other questions, please email LydBrockShop@outlook.com