Curated by Lydia Brockless and Kenneth Jeffrey

HOTDESK pulled together 26 artists from across the UK, Europe and around the world into 1a Nevern Place, a multi-purpose arts, meeting and hotdesking space.

Multiple practices piled on top of each other for one weekend only, a cluster of activity in a temporary shared workspace

Julia Appelt – Jacopo dal Bello – Lydia Brockless – Ava Cantharis – Andrei Costache – Giorgio Garippa Sophie Giller Wes Gilpin – Flora Grosvenor-Stevenson – Sarah Louise Hawkins – Kenneth Jeffrey – Mari Hannah Jones – Nick Kidd – Nina Kihlborg – Yarli Allison L – Helena Lacy – Lisa Lavigne – Chloë Louise Lawrence – Ellie MacGarry – Claire Pritchard – Tess Rees – Livia Roscioli – Tom Rowell – Chiara Salvi – Brendan Stokes – Hannah Wenham – Louise Winter

with thanks to Julie Brodsgaard, Open Art Spaces 2016 + sponsors