Collaboration with Esther Collins as part of her project Chalk & Cheese; I delivered four free community workshops in and around Ebbsfleet, Kent exploring relationships between art and food by making, talking and tasting. I aimed to draw on the history and geography of the area in chalk-pits and cement production, and incorporate Esther’s interest and expertise in food and cheesemaking.

Workshops 1 & 2 – Castle Hill Community Centre & St Mary’s Greenhithe

Participants used dental alginate, vegetables and cheeses to create moulds for a series of concrete table-sculptures, which double as serving platters when inverted. These were presented and used as part of The Gathering in March 2019.

Workshop 3 – 1st Northfleet Scouts

The group used vegetables and fruits to print textures onto clay slabs, and to draw into the clay. They then learned how to join the clay to make a drinking vessel, and painted using underglaze. I glazed and fired the work, and they were presented and used at The Gathering.

Workshop 4 – The Gathering, Swanscombe

I ran a drop-in workshop open to all visitors to The GatheringWe mixed plaster and coloured powders in paper cups and other food packaging, then used dried flowers and seedheads foraged from the local area to make a permanent floral table decoration. Some of these were then presented on Esther’s table to add a final decorative touch to the table-setting which showcased all the items made by participants in her workshops over the recent months.

In association with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation as part of NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme.